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Client: Ether Atelier, Mumbai

Lifestyle Photography:Alekha Chugani

Product Photography: Devarshi Shukla 

Writer: Prateek Bakhtiani

The Ether Atelier is an artisan Lead haute chocolaterie centered around carefully examined products crafted in single-origin chocolates. Their diverse lineup of products are all, at their core, infinitely nuanced experiences finely tuned to immaculate balance. Ether is not for the mere act of eating, but for the very art of living and this is a feeling  we had to evoke in the brand packaging and the experience that reaches the customers.


Insight into re-designing the packaging: 

Black & Gold to rich Red : from traditional luxury to an interpretation that is relevant to a younger, more nuanced and culturally literate audience. Also, here reintroducing the influence of the young artisans that are behind the product. 


Colour blocking with red and bold typography: innate association with sensuality and to reposition the brand as one that creates from a respect to luxury not as a product but as a lifestyle. Double down on this with close-up photos of the male and female form and how the curves mirror the unctuous flow of chocolate. 


Terroir: Design of the bar mold to mimic the contours of the earth, and its innate layering and complexity and the addition of aerial terroir shots and coordinates.

Identity design
packaging design


packaging design

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