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Subtract Creative is a multi-disciplinary design studio.We collaborate with brands to bring alive ideas and products through creativity. 

Exploring new ideas is something we love and we try and achieve this using not just print media but a combination of materials to create a more layered experience.

We believe in a highly concept driven approach to design.We keep it simple, methodical and holistic.

We’re constantly evolving and adapting everyday, not only because business and design never remains still but also because we like to stay current and be relevant.

We shape the smallest details, thoughts and ideas to see it all the way through.

With patience, a strong system and perseverance, we believe in working very closely with brands to understand and deliver on their vision. 


Identity Design



Packaging Design

In-Store Experiences

Publication Designs


Design to us is everywhere, tucked into the everyday. Things we see at first glance and things we don’t necessarily see or impact us till it touches us; things that are layered, intangible and there to stay in the form of emotions, memories and experiences.


The Subtract store is our outlet to explore, experiment and really bring together materials and design that we feel passionately about.We design and manufacture our own product here.

Minimalism in design, material and thought.

Everything stripped down to the bare minimum.

A product, yes, but also an invitation to live simpler. 

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